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Cochs Pensjonat
Parkveien 25 N - 0350 Oslo

Telefon +47 23 33 24 00
Telefax +47 23 33 24 10 939 194 428 MVA








 Single Rooms from NOK. 520,-

Our Internet direct booking system makes it easier for you to reserve a room at Cochs Pensjonat. 

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Please see the map for parking facilities
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It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Cochs Pensjonat. At our guesthouse we take care of long-established and somewhat unusual traditions, and we do our utmost to ensure our guests a successful stay. This website will tell you something about Cochs Pensjonat and the atmosphere we have created and will maintain.
Isak Skram
Cochs Pensjonat  

A walk around the cultural sights of Oslo
You can spend two hours, a whole day or several days visiting the best cultural attractions Oslo has to offer. Start in the neighbourhood with Litteraturhuset on the other side of Parkveien 25. This is your first call, after which you follow the stops on the map on the back of the booklet.                                      See the web page 
Print out your own booklet (PDF)


Oslo’s most popular shopping street

Oslo’s best shopping street is called Bogstadveien. It runs from Cochs Pensjonat near Slottsparken to the crossroads at Majorstuen. Here you can find everything from the latest word in fashion to the best sports equipment, along with lots of other things you only just realised you simply had to buy……

Restaurants and outdoor life on the doorstep

Lorry – just across the street right opposite Cochs is one of Oslo’s most popular so-called ”brown” cafés.

The neighbourhood is full of places to eat and drink. Some of them are in the same building as Cochs Pensjonat, and others just across the street. And you will find many more within a radius of a few hundred metres.  Best of all – there is something to suit every occasion, palate and pocket!



















Our neighbour, Espresso House offers breakfast for our guests - ask for voucher in our reception.

Welcome to our neighborhood, Oslos answer
to Oxford Street:
The renovation is finished
- welcome to to our new conference room and TV-room
Have you read the Norwegian novel “The Half Brother”?
 Lars Saabye Christensen was awarded the Nordic Council’s literature prize in 2001 for this novel, which has now been translated into English. Did you know that room 502 at Cochs Pensjonat is of major importance in the book, and that one of the main characters stayed at Cochs for 4,982 days?

Central location near Slottsparken
How to get there
Cochs Pensjonat is located as close to the centre of Oslo as you could wish, whether you want to relax in Slottsparken (the gardens surrounding the Royal Palace), have a walk at Aker Brygge and Oslo’s main street – Karl Johan – or just stroll up Bogstadveien, Norway’s very best shopping area offering an abundance of exciting shops, restaurants and outdoor cafés. 
The central location of Cochs Pensjonat.   Google

A neighbourhood teeming with coffee bars
A wide variety of coffee bars lie within easy walking distance of Cochs Pensjonat.






























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