The guesthouse was founded in 1927 by the Coch sisters, hence the name. In the beginning there were two pensions in the building; Cochs Pensjonat and Mina Johannessen Pensjonat. The visitors were resident bachelors, who lived two and three in each room. There was a bathroom in each wing, toilets by the stairs and washbasins with water pitcher and washbowls in the rooms. Food was important at that time; three meals a day was served in the guest dining room and coffee and cakes in the lounge which was across the hall.

Anna and Anton Gjesdal bought Cochs Pensjonat in 1946, and in 1963 they bought Mina Johannessen Pensjonat. Conducting pension became a life occupation, and the Gjesdal family lived and worked at the guesthouse until their last days.

Anna Gjesdal
Anton Gjesdal

In the first years most guests are residents, both living and dining at Cochs Pensjonat.

In the 60s and 70s, companies accounted for most of the guests. Many postal workers, police officers and state employees stayed at Cochs Pensjonat during that time.

The year 1985 marks Cochs Pensjonat’s transition from a pension to a hotel business. Management was taken over by the current owners Anne-Karin and Isak Skram. They actually met each other while they both were staying at Cochs Pensjonat in the 60s. She was the daughter of the owners Anna and Anton; he was a young student in Oslo. The guesthouse underwent an extensive restoration and investment phase, as bathrooms and toilets were placed in almost every room.

Anne Karin at Cochs in 1949
Pension owner Isak Skram (to the right) in the Nordmarka forest winter 1962.

In the third generation of the Skram family it’s the oldest daughter Anna Gyril who chose the “hotel path”. She soon began to show interest in the operation of the guesthouse and was active throughout her adolescence.

Anna Gyril entered as general manager in 1991, and as the third generation in the series, she gave the family business a boost. With a hotel education from Switzerland she had the tools to introduce new procedures and systems to help maintain the guesthouse’s long and valuable traditions.

In 2002 the second floor of the building is incorporated in Cochs Pensjonat, introducing 20 new rooms of high standard. Cable TV is installed in every room that has bathroom. The only thing that remains unchanged is the reasonable prices.

Cochs Pensjonat has 90 rooms, 200 beds, 25 employees and is led by Anna Gyril. Most guests are Norwegian and foreign tourists, but also a wide variety of schools, universities, and businesses use the guesthouse greatly.